Make your very own Sarah mask to act out and make up Sarah & Duck stories with your friends. Adult supervision required.

You will need


  1. Draw the simple outlines of Sarah’s face on the paper plate.
  2. Paint on her eyes, mouth, cheeks and hat, and outline all in black paint or marker pen.
  3. Ask a grown-up to help you cut out the hat and hair pieces from coloured card, as shown.
  4. Paint a black outline around the edges of the hat, or use black marker pen.
  5. Glue the hat and bobble pieces together, as shown.
  6. Glue the hat and hair pieces to the back of the plate, and hold in place until the glue has set.
  7. You’ve finished your Sarah paper-plate craft! Isn’t she cute?
  8. To turn the paper-plate craft into a fun mask, just glue a lollipop stick on the back of the plate and you’re ready to go!