Information about Tikkabilla

Target Age

3-5 year olds

Episode Duration

15 minutes                    

Show Summary

Tikkabilla comes from the name of a game like hopscotch that’s played in India – and the programme has a similar feel -­ using stepping stones to hop between songs, stories, games and real-­life clips. Aimed at pre-school children, each episode centres on a dragon puppet called Tamba who’s like a young child, naturally inquisitive and full of questions. He’s guided by two presenters who play games, sing songs and make things to educate and entertain him. Each programme contains a wide variety of activities, such as a daily story, dressing up and cooking. The show also uses a clock to alert viewers to different activities and includes stories and songs from a variety of countries and cultures.

Main Characters

  • Tamba – A small dragon puppet with all the characteristics of a child, who asks lots of questions and loves playing games and singing songs.
  • Presenters – There are eight presenters -­ Justin, Lorna, Paul, Sarah-­Jane, Simon, Amit, Veejay and Toni -­ and each episode is fronted by two of them.

Educational Benefits

Tikkabilla helps children to:

  • Learn to tell the time.
  • Have the confidence to ask lots of questions.
  • Develop their musical ability and enjoy song and dance.
  • Follow a story and act out their own stories through dressing-­up and role play.
  • Appreciate cultural diversity.

Website benefits and summary

Watch videos of Tikkabilla and print out colouring sheets of the characters.