Information about Fimbles

Target Age

2-4 year olds

Episode Duration

20 minutes                    

Show Summary

Created for pre-­school children, the Fimbles are three hippo-­like stripy creatures – Fimbo, Florrie and Baby Pom. They live in a hidden valley and embark on a series of adventures together. They are very child-­like, love finding things and get the Fimbling Feeling when they anticipate a new discovery – their fingers twinkle and their noses twitch. They can find anything in Fimble Valley from a feather, to a button, to something as abstract as the colour blue, with each new object triggering a selection of songs, games and activities. In each 20-­minute episode one of the characters, Roly Mo, tells a story and there is always live action featuring real children.

Main Characters

  • Fimbo – (Yellow with green stripes) is the tallest Fimble. He’s fun-­loving, adventurous and loves Crumble Crackers. He also loves dancing while playing his Shimmy Shaker.
  • Florrie – (Blue with purple stripes) is smaller than Fimbo, and a bit younger, always asking questions and telling stories. She often carries a doll with her called Little One and loves Roly Mo.
  • Baby Pom – (Pink with green stripes) is the smallest Fimble who is still a toddler, she follows the other two around pushing her Trundle Truck.
  • Bessie and Ribble – Bessie is a motherly pink bird who looks after her baby chick Ribble. Ribble vibrates when he’s happy.
  • Roly Mo – A wise and gentle purple and green striped mole who loves telling stories.
  • Rockit – A blue tree frog who has heaps of energy and can get very over-­excited.

Educational Benefits

Fimbles helps children to:

  • Think more about the world around them.
  • To ask questions about the natural world, different objects and concepts.
  • Understand different family relationships and how different people get along.

Website benefits and summary

Settle down to hear two stories with Roly Mo on the Fimbles website, Eeny Meeny Miny Mo and The Painting Elves. Children can do their own painting with the Bubble Paint game as well as with the printable colouring sheets. There is also a very simple mouse-clicking game, Hide and Seek. All these activities will help children’s imaginations and let them think more about the world around them.


Bubble Paint

A fun bubble-popping game that makes pictures at the same time. This game uses a mouse so the youngest pre-schoolers may need help from a grown-up.

Hide and Seek

A simple game for younger pre-schoolers. Can you find an increasing number of characters from the TV show at each level?


Eeny Meeny Miny Mo and The Painting Elves

Listen to Roly Mo telling two animated stories. Storytelling is a great way for children to imagine worlds and lives beyond their own. Reading to your child is a good way to have some one-to-one time together and will help their language and literacy development.