Big & Small

5 minutes


What's Small's favourite game?

5 minutes


Small wants longer hair.

5 minutes

Private box

Small finds a private box under the bed.

30 minutes


Can you piece together the jigsaw puzzles?

30 minutes


Play with Big & Small and explore their house. Pick a door to play as Big or Small. Choose from Hand Painting, Music Game, Bouncing on the Bed and Clean Teeth.

5 minutes

Small colouring sheet

Print off and colour in a picture of Small.

5 minutes

Big colouring sheet

Print off and colour in a picture of Big.

5 minutes

Theme tune

Sing along with Big & Small!

5 minutes


Big & Small make a scarecrow.

5 minutes


Big & Small sing the rainbow song.

Information about Big & Small

Target Age

4-8 year olds

Episode Duration

11 minutes                        

Show Summary

Big and Small are best friends, but total opposites. Big is organised and more of a thinker. Small is a doer who never stops moving. They live together in Big’s house and often find themselves getting in a pickle because of their difference in size. Aimed at four to eight-­year-­olds, each 11-­minute episode tackles one of the problems that can affect young children, such as getting lost or losing a favourite toy. Lenny Henry voices both Big and Small, with the other puppets voiced by Imelda Staunton. The show uses humour and song to get viewers to think about the implications of each characters’ actions. Big and Small approach the world in a child-­like manner and often don’t see the other’s point of view until it’s too late. But they always find a solution in the end, and have great fun getting there!

Main Characters

Big – The big purple one who is very chilled out. He’s incredibly tidy, indecisive and always has an (unfinished) project on the go.

Small – The small yellow one who is always 100 miles per hour. He used to travel a lot before he met Big and moved in. Now he runs, jumps and won’t sit still for a second.

Ruby – A little mouse who lives in Big’s house and sees it as her own. She lives alone but has lots of relatives who like to come and stay.

The Frogs – Two frogs who live in Big’s pond. The croak in harmony when they’re happy and make a right racket when they’re not.

Ferocious Fish – A fish that lives in Big’s pond. Small wants to tame it and walk it around on a lead.

T-­Rex – Big’s favourite childhood toy – a stuffed dinosaur. Small hates it.

Twiba – (Pronounced Tweeba) stands for The Worm in Big’s Apple. She lives in the tree and knows everything that goes on. Everything.

Educational Benefits

Big & Small helps children to:

  • Develop perspective and empathy for others.
  • Appreciate that people have different points of view and different ways of engaging with the world.
  • Develop problem-­solving skills and ways of resolving conflict by taking into account other viewpoints.
  • Understand different relationships and friendships.

Website benefits and summary

The Big & Small online activities are all about exploring and having fun. Make yourself at home in Big’s house, choose whether you’re Big or Small and then explore. By choosing between Big or Small this helps to extend for the child how the show gives different points of view.


Bouncing on the Bed

Have fun bouncing on the bed with Big & Small. Wake Big up or exhaust Small enough for him to go to sleep. This game gently shows children that sleep is often preferable to staying awake, together with hints about the importance of brushing teeth before bed.

Clean Teeth

Clean Big or Small’s teeth. This game contributes to children learning about looking after themselves and gaining independence in their day to day routines. And it’s more fun than really brushing your teeth!

Hand Painting and Music Game

Get creative in the Living Room with Big & Small. Make a colourful (but virtual) mess with hand painting and then play a tune with a variety of instruments around the piano. Both games are great for children to explore their creativity and use their imagination.