Woolly and Tig

5 minutes

Episode 2

Watch Episode Two of Woolly and Tig now!

5 minutes

Episode 1

Watch Episode One of Woolly and Tig now!

5 minutes

Lost things

Woolly helps Tig to find her lost things.

5 minutes

Hide and seek

Woolly and daddy are looking for Tig, who doesn't want to have her hair washed...

15 minutes

Woolly colouring sheet

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Information about Woolly and Tig

Target Age

2-4 year olds

Episode Duration

5 minutes

Show Summary

Tig is only three-years-old and sometimes she finds new experiences a bit frightening. Luckily she has her favourite toy – a woolly spider – to help explain what’s happening. Tig lives with her mum and dad and does something different every day. It might be getting her hair cut, going on a bus for the first time or being part of a fire drill. Sometimes new things can scare her, but whenever this happens, Woolly springs to life and describes what’s going on. Each five-­minute episode is narrated by Tig as she tells viewers about the world around her. When she gets upset, an animated Woolly makes sure he acknowledges all Tig’s feelings, providing empathy and reassurance to enable her to face unfamiliar situations with confidence.

Main Characters

  • Tig – A three-­year-­old little Scottish girl who lives with her mum and dad and who is learning new things every day.
  • Woolly – Tig’s toy spider who she takes everywhere and who comes to life when Tig needs a helping hand to understand something new
  • Angel – Tig’s best friend who she loves playing with.

Educational Benefits

Woolly and Tig helps children to:

  • Understand the world around them.
  • Realise that it’s OK to be scared or unsure of something new.
  • Learn that other children often feel the same way as them.

Website benefits and summary

Watch videos of Woolly and Tig and print out colouring sheets of the characters.