Little Robots

5 minutes

Stretchy's junk

Stretchy is giving away all his precious junk.

5 minutes

Bedtime badbot

Scary's story keeps the robots awake...

5 minutes

Sporty's run

Will Sporty ever get to go on his run?

5 minutes


Stretchy needs some help.

5 minutes

Sporty the hero

Can Sporty become a hero?

30 minutes


Can you piece together the jigsaw puzzles?

5 minutes

Theme tune

'Little Robots!' Sing along to the Little Robots theme tune.

Information about Little Robots

Target Age

3-5 year olds

Episode Duration

10 minutes

Show Summary

Aimed at older pre-­school children, Little Robots is an animated series about a group of robots who find themselves abandoned on a metal scrap heap. Each 10-minute episode follows Tiny and his friends as they transform all the nuts, bolts and junk they find around them into a place they can call home. The robots all have different skills and personalities and between them have created a magical environment – a metal dome, with a sun, a moon, trees and homes where they play together and solve the many challenges each day throws at them. They are incredibly creative and never throw anything away that can be made into something else. They may be tiny robots, but this group of friends has very big ideas.

Main Characters

  • Tiny – The unofficial leader of the group, he’s intelligent, creative, warm-­hearted and a great problem solver.
  • Sporty – Voiced by comedian Lenny Henry, Sporty is fitness mad and is always trying to motivate the other robots to get active.
  • Stripy – A gentle giant, voiced by actor Martin Clunes, he is a thinker who loves his teddy.
  • The Sparky Twins – A pair of sparky robots who are strong and mischievous and love dancing.
  • Spotty – A big round robot who is rather clumsy and likes to stick to the rules. She also acts as a demolition ball!
  • Noisy – A music-­loving robot , she’s always trying to get the other robots into new melodies and songs.

Educational Benefits

Little Robots helps children to:

  • Think about environmental issues such as recycling, landfill and sustainability.
  • Be inspired to create their own recycled items, to repair and restore and to become more creative.
  • Understand the importance of working together in a team to solve a problem.

Website benefits and summary

Watch videos of Little Robots on the website, and print out colouring sheets of the characters.