5 minutes

Changing your mind

Loon and Humf take it in turns to change their minds.

5 minutes

Falling down

Wallace likes falling down.

5 minutes


Can Humf find the bedbugs?

5 minutes


Humf play surprises!

5 minutes


Humf and Loon play on the slide and the swings.

30 minutes


Can you piece together the jigsaw puzzles?

15 minutes

Humf's family colouring sheet

Print off and colour in a picture of Humf and his family.

15 minutes

Humf colouring sheet

Print off and colour in a picture of Humf.

5 minutes

Theme tune

'Everybody sing Humf!' Join in with Humf and his friends.

Information about Humf

Target Age

2-4 year olds

Episode Duration

7 minutes

Show Summary

Aimed at younger pre-­school children, Humf is a seven-­minute animated show that follows a small purple creature in his quest to learn more about the world. He’s very independent but does listen to his mum and dad and his best friends Loon and Wallace who live in the same block of flats. He thinks about what they all have to say, but in the end, he usually has to find out for himself. Each episode focuses on Humf in a different scenario, for example going to a restaurant with his Uncle Hairy, or making a new friend at the park.

Main Characters

  • Humf is a furry thing! He is short, round, purple and furry. He’s three-­years-­old and very cuddly. He’s thoughtful, self-­reliant and really interested in the world around him.
  • Wallace is a green hairy creature. He’s very energetic and always says hello more than once.
  • Loon is a pink feathery thing. She likes going to the park and the supermarket.
  • Humf’s mum is blue and furry, his dad is big and red and furry.
  • Uncle Hairy is Humf’s uncle who has a girlfriend called Flora.

Educational Benefits

Humf helps children to:

  • Learn more about the world around them – one episode looks at the issue of litter.
  • Think about friendships and different family units.
  • Feel confident asking questions and being inquisitive about things.

Website benefits and summary

Watch some videos of Humf and his friends, sing the song, do some jigsaws and print out colouring sheets.

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