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The activities across the CBeebies website give your child an opportunity to play and have fun while learning at the same time. These summaries give you more information about how each activity can benefit your child’s learning, links to related helpful articles, as well as durations, so you can plan your time online or offline.

Balamory games


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Balamory - Game 7

Colours game

Guide Josie Jump down the ski slope using the arrow keys. Make sure she only goes through the correct colour gates though. This game is good for children's colour matching skills and practising hand-eye co-ordination using the arrow keys. Play now >


The classic game of dominoes, with two levels. Match the pictures in the first level and the pictures and numbers in the second level. Matching games help with pre-numeracy skills that lay the foundations for maths later on - sorting and seeing patterns all help with numeracy from an early age. Play now >

Snow Storm

A Tetris-inspired game for pre-schoolers, use the arrow keys to line up the different-shaped snowflakes. There are three levels on this game but all three are nicely paced to introduce pre-schoolers to using the arrow keys. As with the Dominoes game, matching games help with pre-numeracy skills. Play now >

Highland Games

Three different games that range from the easy spacebar-hitting Tug of War to the much more challenging Obstacle Race. These games are all great fun, test children’s reactions and can be played with other children. Play now >

Lost and Found

Follow the clues in three stories and help PC Plum solve the mysteries. As with the TV programme, these stories ask children to pay attention and think back over the events and characters of the day. The stories help with children’s problem-solving skills and observation skills. Play now >

PC Plum's Garden Game

Help the plants to grow and learn about how both water and sun are needed to help plants grow. Be quick with that watering can, the sun is hot! A basic introduction to what plants need to grow. Play now >

World Dress Up

Have fun dressing up the Balamory characters. Talk about the costumes from around the world to give children a chance to understand why people wear different clothes in different climates and different societies. Play now >