Get Squiggling!

5 minutes


Can you squiggle a spider and her web? How many legs has she got?

5 minutes


Can you squiggle a hippo?

5 minutes


Can you squiggle a caterpillar?

5 minutes

Longbeard the Pirate

Can you draw Longbeard's ship?

5 minutes


Can you draw a snowman?

15 minutes

Squiggle Monster colouring sheet

Print off and colour in a picture of the squiggle monster!

15 minutes

Group scene colouring sheet

Print off and colour in this picture with your squiggle sticks!

Information about Get Squiggling

Target Age

2-5 year olds

Episode Duration

15 minutes

Show Summary

An interactive show for two to five-­year-­olds, Get Squiggling aims to get children drawing. Squiglet the Monster lives in a plain white world, but luckily it doesn’t stay that way for long. Using his Squiggle Sticks and Squiggle Pad, Squiglet draws a variety of characters to join him on his adventures. When the viewers sing the magic words, the characters leap off the page and come to life. Squiglet’s always drawing, creating colourful environments for his characters to enjoy, whether it’s the South Pole for a penguin or a jungle for a tiger. He also helps solve any problem they may encounter, by drawing a new object. Need to find some treasure? Here’s a spade! Need to build a sandcastle? Here’s a bucket. In each 15-­minute programme, Squiglet relies on his young audience to draw along with him and to really immerse themselves in the fantasy worlds he creates.

Main Characters

  • Squiglet the Monster – The presenter of the show, a large woolly creature who loves drawing and filling his plain white world with colour.
  • Squiggle Sticks – A set of crayons that come to life to draw characters, environments, anything you want.

Educational Benefits

Get Squiggling helps children to:

  • Become interested in drawing and to recognise basic colours and shapes.
  • Improve their own creative drawing skills.
  • Develop their imagination and storytelling skills.
  • Interact with a narrative.
  • Develop their problem-­solving skills.

Website benefits and summary

Watch videos of Get Squiggling and print out colouring sheets of the characters.