Information about Boogie Beebies

Target Age

3-5 year olds

Episode Duration

15 minutes

Show Summary

Boogie Beebies aims to get toddlers off the sofa and onto their feet. Using especially commissioned pop songs, each 15 minute episode encourages children to copy the dance routines and express themselves by using their bodies. The programmes use action words such as swishing, turning and twisting to inspire children to experiment with different moves. The dance routines are specially designed for pre-­schoolers’ physical developmental needs. Each show introduces a new theme such as the sea, which the children then explore through different routines such as Ocean Motion and Space Walking. The viewers begin with a warm up and finish with a cool down. At the end of the show the children perform in the Big Video – where the children in the show and the toddlers watching are the stars.

Main Characters

Nataylia Roni and Peter Hillier present the show and take the children through a series of dance moves, from warm up through to the final Big Video.

Educational Benefits

Boogie Beebies helps children to:

  • Develop attention, balance and co-­ordination.
  • Explore different dance moves and enjoy singing along.
  • Improve memory and develop sequencing skills through copying and joining in.
  • Improve numeracy and literacy.

Website benefits and summary

Watch videos of the dances from Boogie Beebies and join in at home. Dancing at home fulfils so many things for a pre-schooler: feeling good, keeping fit and healthy, becoming more confident in how their body moves and how they can control it, being creative and (if they join in with the singing) learning to sing!