Information about Poetry Pie

Target Age

3-6 year olds

Episode Duration

4 minutes

Show Summary

Poetry Pie is an animated series that brings poetry to life for young children aged three to six. Each episode features specially commissioned poems written by popular contemporary poets as well as those by children. A number of animated creatures then sing and act out the words to the poems as young viewers are taken into a magical world of music and song. Each episode begins with a poem by poet Roger McGough, which transports viewers to a fantastical world where each section of the Poetry Pie represents a different style of animation. Each poem is read by a different character, and voiced by a child, and is accompanied by an enthralling musical score enabling viewers to experience the wonder of poetry in an innovative and imaginative way.

Main Characters

The poems are performed by five different characters: Charlie the alien, Amber the hermit crab, Mischa the hamster, Evie the cow and Findlay the dragon.

Educational Benefits

Poetry Pie helps children to:

  • Develop an interest in poetry and music.
  • Become aware of published poets and their works.
  • Engage with poetry and gain confidence in writing their own poems after hearing those written by other children.
  • Appreciate the connection between music, words and rhyme, and to experiment with their own arrangements.

Website benefits and summary

Watch videos of Poetry Pie and print out colouring sheets of the characters.